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Powerful Opt-in and Newsletter Option

Utilize the built-in opt-in form on your Smart Blog [Premium Vitraffic plugin installed] and get the leads that you need. Emails can be used for further marketing campaigns and best way to get in touch with your audience. Smart Blogs not only allows you to drive traffic and earn more commissions. You can also harness [...]

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Easy Site Monetization through Amazon Affiliate and Adsense

Aside from social media, online shopping has also been a popular trend lately. With Smart blogs easy Amazon integration you can easily search and display products on your website that are relevant to customers needs and interests, which will result in more profit. With Amazon and eBay affiliate program you can easily monetize the traffic [...]

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Seamless Social Media Integration

Engagement is guaranteed without spending a dime for paid website traffic or advertisement. Smart Blogs pulls viral content from leading viral sites using powerful search feature. Make sure to curate and post current and effective graphics and blog entries only and great numbers should immediately follow.

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Set and Forget Content Curation Engine

You won’t have to go through the PAIN of having to update your Smart Bog site every day or even every week you can sit back and relax while all the HARD WORK is done for you. In fact, everything is done for you and in an EASY set and forget setup that you can [...]

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